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Charlotte Saulter

Broker Trainer and Coach
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CA DRE LIc#01326966

In June 2000,  I started this company because I wanted to help people realize their
dreams of home ownership.

For years I helped the wealthy diversify and  increase their assets through
investments in real estate and securities.  It wasn't  until I took a job as a Branch
Manager for a bank in an area where my client base was living from paycheck to
paycheck  that I realized the great need to expand my expertise in real estate and
investments to people who did not know smart ways of how to build their wealth
and work towards financial independence

I found that this group of people needed my help the most.  
There are so many people who have dreams of owning a own home, sending their
children to college and retiring comfortably, but have no idea how to make that a
reality for themselves.  I also discovered that most financial instutions/professionals
did not consider this an audience to target for business.

I founded The Mortgage Network and CES Financial Services to reach out and
educate hard working individuals on how they could achieve home ownership.  
These companies are a ministry for me to help and encourage people to have faith
that their dreams are attainable and that I will work with them every step
of the way to make it possible.

Lastly, I consider myself a hardworking and honest person.  I care deeply about my
clients and I want them to be happy and satisfied.  I pride myself on my integrity.
You can always 
D.  No matter how great the challenge or how long it takes to close a
job is not complete and until you are satisfied!

God Bless,
Ms. Charlotte E. Saulter
"Apart from God I Can Do Nothing  BUT  With God All  Things Are Possible"









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